Prepare for Your Barrel Sauna

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Whether we are assembling your sauna for you, or you're doing a DIY install, there are some things to consider to prepare.

1.. Access Space

Whatever size sauna you purchase you will need to leave a an 12-18" buffer around the perimeter of the sauna to allow for access for setup and maintenance.

Blueprints with dimensioned sauna drawings can be seen below:

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2. A Flat, Level Surface

Your sauna can be assembled on nearly any level surface (e.g.: crushed stone, river rock, gravel, wood decking, flagstones, or even grass.

When building on grass or organic surfaces, we recommend putting down pavers or flagstones under the corners of the sauna feet to prevent them from settling into the ground over time. Our saunas have 3 cradles/feet, which are 4ft long and 3 inches wide.

3. Wood-Burning chimney Clearance

For all woodburning appliances, there is a minimum clearance from other combustible surfaces as depicted in the adjacent diagram.

Measuring from the chimney exhaust, there must be no combustible surface within a hemisphere having a 10ft radius above the exhaust. An cylindrical area measuring 10ft in radius and 3ft below the chimney must also be clear of combustibles.

This includes but is not limited to fences, trees, houses, sheds, etc.

Consult your local authorities to ensure wood-burning appliances are allowed in your area.