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"Manufacturing is in our DNA. We don't sell imported kits; every Nootka Sauna is designed and crafted in-house by skilled artisans.

This ensures exceptional quality, durability, and a seamless fulfillment experience. We're committed to building the best saunas on the market."

Kris Harris | Co-Founder

Locally-Sourced Western Red Cedar

It's our conviction that Western Red Cedar is the absolute best sauna material. It smells amazing and has a natural, hydrophobic resin in it that allows it to withstand the elements.

Being located in the heart of Western Red Cedar Country, we don't have to compromise with lower quality wood such as Thermowood, Pine or Eastern White Cedar.


We work with sustainably harvested select tight-knot cedar which is both an eco-friendly choice and a beautiful material with rich tones and character.

A Dedicated Team of Sauna Craftsman

Amidst the beautiful mountains of Squamish BC, our saunas are all made-to-order by a small, dedicated team of wellness enthusiasts and skilled craftspeople. We are passionate about our product, and it shows in the quality of our saunas and customer care. 

Our sales, production and fulfillment teams are all under one roof. This means we're able to ensure that our customers have the smoothest experience in getting a sauna.

Simplified Fulfillment

Our saunas are available across all of Canada and the U.S. In many cities we also offer on-site assembly. On our Product configuration page, just enter your postal code to see what fulfillment options are available in your area.

Regardless of your location, we strive to provide a clear fulfillment process and high-quality customer service from purchase to performance.

A Lean Production Model

Nootka Saunas’ "Lean Production" approach allows us to deliver exceptional value to our customers in the form of competitive pricing, quick lead times, and personalization.

By streamlining workflows and minimizing waste, Nootka Saunas can offer high-quality saunas at a competitive price. By maximizing the efficiency of our systems, we can get saunas to customers quicker. And, because every sauna is made-to-order, you can customize your sauna to your needs and know that it was made with you in mind.

The Evolution of Nootka saunas


Kris, a Mechanical Engineer who loves to build things, constructs a sauna for a commercial project in Whistler, B.C. It's flown under a helicopter up Mt. Currie.


Kris starts Nootka Saunas and moves from the Whistler backyard to a cramped, dark, shipping container workshop.


Andrew and Kris team up. Andrew joins with years of sauna building experience under his belt.

The duo moves into a real workshop in Squamish, B.C.


Nootka expands across Canada and the U.S. with delivery and installation options in several cities.


The team continues to grow, focusing on producing saunas that can handle Canadian Winters.


Nootka moves into a brand new facility. A new focus is set on Lean manufacturing practices and leveraging technology to offer an even better sauna.