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Health Benefits of Sauna Use

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"Sauna use associated with reduced risk of cardiac, all-cause mortality"

-Science Daily (Link)

Peer Reviewed Studies

The benefits of heat therapy have been understood for centuries. In the past couple decades there have been a number of medical studies that offer imperial evidence of the benefits. These range from cardiovascular improvements to all-cause-mortality reduction.

Dr. Huberman (Stanford School of Medicine)

Mayo Clinic Health Benefits

American Journal of Pyschology

Social aspects

When was the last time you watched a movie start to finish without picking up your phone and scrolling? For most of us we probably can’t even remember the last time. It seems almost every activity we do is, at some point, interrupted by a glance at our phones. In addition to all the physical health benefits of regular sauna use there is one commonly overlooked benefit, community and connection. 

As our attention spans are eroded by never ending barrage of entertainment its rare to find a space where everyone is present. The sauna is one of the last remaining spaces where phones are forgotten and wifi is worthless. We enter the sauna and we are left with one source of entertainment, each other. It’s a time to tell stories, talk about our day, or even just sit in silence together. To have the undivided attention of the people around you is almost non-existent these days but the sauna offers a beacon of hope. To forget about the outside world and be fully engaged with the people right next to you – these moments are increasingly rare but invaluable.