Sauna Health Benefits to Make You Sweat (In a Good Way)

Indulging in regular sauna sessions isn’t just for short term bliss. Beyond the hypnotic cedar aroma, tranquil exhales, and calming sensations you feel while in a sauna, there are long-lasting health benefits backed by medical studies across the globe. Research has shown spending time in[...]

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Dry Saunas vs Steam Saunas: Is Wetter Really Better?

There’s nothing like a post-swim sweat session to soothe tired muscles and get the blood flowing again. Particularly if the water was especially cold. Most gyms nowadays offer the choice between a sauna and a steam room, both of which will stop those chattering teeth.[...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Saunas

Wood chairs and a fire pit with a barrel sauna in the background

If having your own sauna sounds extravagant, consider this. In Finland, more than half the population has one. (There are actually more saunas in Finland than there are cars.) In fact, so obsessed is the nation with their sweaty pastime, that Unesco saw fit to[...]

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Sauna Temperature Ranges: Find Your Ideal Temp!

Pouring water on hot stones changes the sauna temperature

By now you know that regular sauna bathing has numerous health benefits. From better sleep and boosting the immune system to ridding the body of toxins, it’s easy to see why the Finns have made it a part of their daily life for thousands of[...]

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Building a Backcountry Sauna Deep in the Mountains

Outdoor sauna in Canada's backcountry

As any outdoor enthusiast will attest, there’s something about spending the day exerting yourself in nature, that can leave your soul feeling satiated and your body utterly depleted.  Muscles you didn’t know existed ache in a sort of masochistic pleasure. You feel alive, whole, immersed[...]

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The Best Outdoor Sauna Kits: Designed for Canadian Winters

Barrel sauna outdoors

Sweating it out has been a way of life for the Finnish since they first invented the sauna (pronounced ‘sow-nah’) more than 2000 years ago. And if the numbers are anything to go by they’re not planning to stop anytime soon. (There are some two[...]

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Saunas and Community

Loyly Sauna Sign Cedar

When was the last time you watched a movie start to finish without picking up your phone and scrolling? For most of us we probably can’t even remember the last time. It seems almost every activity we do is, at some point, interrupted by a[...]

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