Site Preparation

Site Preparation

While we build your sauna, there are a few steps we need you to take to get ready for your sauna. Please review all the information on this page and get in contact if you have any questions.

Space Requirements

When preparing the site for your sauna there are a few aspects to consider before you start work on the base. Our saunas have three cradles which are 4ft wide, and should be placed with approx 3ft spacing.

Access space

Whatever size sauna you purchase you will need to leave a shoulder width around the perimeter of the sauna to allow for access for annual maintenance.

Space for wood-fired stoves

If you have selected a wood-fired stove for your sauna you will need to allow for an additional 3 ft at the back of your site to allow for the flue to be fitted.

In addition to this, the chimney must sit 3 ft higher than any combustibles within a 10 ft radius.

Ground Surface

Your sauna can be installed on nearly any level surface (e.g. crushed stone, river rock, gravel, wood decking, flagstones, or even grass).

When installing on grass or organic surfaces, we recommend putting down pavers or flagstones under the corners of the sauna cradles to prevent them from settling into the ground over time.

The size of the base required for your sauna varies depending on which size of the sauna as well as which kind of heater you have selected. Once you have ordered our team will send you the blueprints of your chosen sauna to help with site preparation. If you are still unsure please give us a call.

Electric heater hook up

Whether you’ve purchased your electric sauna as a flat-packed sauna kit or we’re doing the assembly for you, a licensed electrician is required to wire and connect the barrel sauna to your electrical service. Make sure you have a qualified person enlisted.

We recommend having your electrician review your service panel and the scope of work for sauna hook-up before your sauna arrives. The wiring / electrical set-up instructions can be found here: Wiring Instructions. We suggest sharing these with your electrician at the time of contracting.

Please note, electrical wiring and hook-up should be done only by a certified electrician. Electrical connection by a non-certified person voids the warranty of your heater.

Note: All our saunas come standard with a 9kW heater which uses a 50A breaker.

For customers with limited panel capacity, we can change the heater size from 9kW to 7.5kW (uses a 40A breaker instead of a 50A breaker). This increases the heat-up time to 25-30 mins.

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