10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door
10ft Sauna | noheat | No Roof | No Rear Window | Full Glass Door


Hand-Crafted Barrel Sauna

Starting From $7,950 (3-4 Week Lead Time)

Made Exclusively with Western Red Cedar

Designed and Produced By Nootka Saunas

Capacity: 6+ People
Heat Up Time: Depends on Heater Selected

Price Breakdown
10ft Sauna: [[USD-CAD 7900|8700]]
No Heater: [[USD-CAD 0|0]]
No Roof: [[USD-CAD 0|0]]
No Rear Window: [[USD-CAD 0|0]]
Full Glass Door: [[USD-CAD 500|600]]

$9,300 CAD Sale Save

*Taxes, Accessories and Fulfillment Rates Added on Next Step

Sauna Add-ons


Flat Flooring

Flat Flooring

$275 CAD

Sauna Essentials Kit

Sauna Essentials Kit

$150 CAD



$180 CAD

Sauna Sealant Kit

Sauna Sealant Kit

$245 CAD

Payment Terms
Fulfillment Options

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Why is a Nootka Sauna Unlike any other?

Built for Harsh Winters

Being a Canadian company, we’re used to frigid temperatures, several cm’s of rain and over 10 meters of snowfall every year.

Our saunas are specifically designed for these climates. We have customers in Northern BC, Yukon, Alberta and all across Canada that will attest to that.

Hand-crafted in Canada

All of our saunas are designed and manufactured in Canada. This gives us control over the cedar we select and allows us to continually improve our products.

Watch out for companies that might claim to be local but import sauna kits from overseas. Imported kits are fraught with quality issues from use of finger-jointed boards, poor design and cutting corners.

Delivery & Installation Options

Depending on where you’re located in Canada, we offer unassembled delivery and in a lot of cases we also offer delivery with on-site assembly. To see the best fulfillment option for your area, enter your postal code above.

Why Go With the Sealant Kit?

Our saunas are made of natural western red cedar which smells amazing and does a great job withstanding the elements.

To keep your sauna looking new and avoid it greying from UV exposure or getting watermarks, we strongly recommend the application of our sauna sealant kit.

Included in the Kit is

  • 1x 2.5L OSMO 410 (for the exterior)
  • 2x 750ml Sauna-safe sealant (for the Interior)
  • 2x Large Brushes

**For customers going with our assembly service, please note that we do not offer application of sealant.

The Fastest Heat-up Times

Our electric saunas heat up to 90°C (194F) in just 10-15 minutes, even in the dead of Winter.

Our wood-burning saunas are also remarkably fast to heat up, taking around 40 minutes to reach temperature.

Compare this to many sauna designs taking an hour or more to heat up.

Some Things You Might Be Wondering...

Nootka Saunas offers a proprietary metal roof, made with 24-gauge galvanized aluminum. Far superior to any "tin roof" or "asphalt" roof, the material is rated to last for decades.

The metal roofing protects the sauna from rain, snow and UV. It also speeds up the heating time by about 20%.

Nootka Saunas works very hard to ensure that we can make the claim that we have the best barrel saunas on the market. It's a combination of the below tenants that ensure this is true...

  • Carefully Selected Western Red Cedar
  • Fully Engineered, sealed designs that can withstand harsh snow and Wind Loads. Available here
  • Canadian-made heaters
  • Local Manufacturing
  • 10mm tempered glass
  • 10-15 min heat up times for electric heaters (30-45 mins for wood-burning stoves)
  • Easy Fulfillment Options

We don’t currently make infrared saunas. The jury is still out on the health benefits associated with infrared saunas and we’ve been disappointed by the build quality and lifespan of most infrared panels on the market.

In addition, you don't feel a blast of heat immediately with infrared saunas, so outdoor infrared saunas don't make much sense in cold climates as you'll freeze before noticing any of the benefits of the sauna.

As such, we only fabricate electric and wood-fired saunas.

We love hot saunas. As such, we've designed our saunas to get as hot as possible and they are comparable to traditional, square saunas.

In Canada, CSA governs the maximum temperature for electric sauna heaters to 90°C (194°F). Wood fired saunas can get slightly higher depending on the type of wood being burned and size of the fire.

What our customers are saying...

Keith G.


We had the sauna installed about six weeks ago and use it almost daily. It is well constructed, and exactly what we wanted. The Nootka saunas customer service and support has been consistently quick, helpful and considerate.



We love our Nootka Sauna! Well designed, installation by Eric was quick, thorough and he was happy to address the few questions we had in a friendly and helpful manner. We had our first sauna in it that night and it was perfect!

A. Muise


Could not be more pleased. Ordering online was a simple process. Our installer was easy to communicate with, very organized and had that sauna built very quickly. We highly recommend Nootka Saunas.



I had a wonderful experience for my Nootka Sauna installation. Stuart did an amazing job installing it in record time and was assisted by Eric Day! Five stars to both of you guys!

Love my new sauna! Thank you.



Worth the wait in gold. Thank you Eric for the quick response and flexible scheduling and to Colin for the great work ethic, attitude, and sauna build.. can't wait to fire it up for the first time

Min K.


From ordering online on their website, arranging installation and the completion of the on-site install, the process was seamless.

Still Have Questions?

If You Have Questions about ordering a barrel sauna, please check out our FAQs page, email us at hello@nootkasaunas.com or give us a call at +1 (778) 652-3569