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About Nootka Saunas – Our Origin Story

The sauna is so much more than just a physical tool, the sauna is also a place to build community and connection. Our screens are left behind and we engage in long chats as we endure the heat together – conversations that otherwise wouldn’t happen but that add so much joy to our lives. The sauna is a final sacred space in the modern day where you can spend time in solitude or connect with friends, in that lies the reason we started Nootka Saunas.

At first, Nootka Saunas’ goal was self-indulgent… we wanted to design our dream sauna for our own use. It wasn’t until several sauna iterations we’re complete for ourselves that decided to spread our passion for heat therapy around Canada and USA. As we set-off into the world of manufacturing sauna kits, we had two central beliefs; we would use only the best Western Red Cedar and we would build all of our saunas in Canada, for Canadian winters. If our saunas work well in a Canadian winter, they’ll work anywhere on Earth. 

Many sauna companies buy kits from overseas. These foreign kits will often purchase Canadian lumber, ship it overseas for processing then ship the final product back to North America. That didn’t seem right to us. We opted to keep all of our cedar barrel sauna production within Canada. We wanted better attention to detail and to build a dedicated staff of sauna artisans that actually use our product. In addition, by not shipping the wood internationally it significantly reduces our CO2 emissions. Finally, by keeping the production process in Canada we get to support our economy and have an amazing team that is passionate about the saunas we build.  Our team of engineers and sauna artisans work endlessly to ensure that every sauna we deliver is the exact quality that we would personally want. 

We choose Western Red Cedar, in-part because it supports the Canadian economy but also because we’re convinced it’s the world’s top contender for sauna lumber. Western Red Cedar has a natural resin in it’s fibres. Shipbuilders have known this for years. The resin is hydrophobic (repels water) and prevents the wood from rotting the way pine, ash or other woods do. By using Canadian Red Cedar we are ensuring that your sauna withstands the test of time. 

Our employees are all sauna users, and our team believes in the power of saunas for physical health, mental health, and community (Read more about sauna health benefits here). From our headquarters in Squamish, BC our team uses the sauna to recover from skiing, biking, hiking, and an overall active lifestyle. When you have questions about your sauna, we can answer them as we are right there with you using our saunas almost every day. 

 The sauna is so much more than just a physical tool, the sauna is also a place to build[...]